Tassimo Coffee Maker

What is a Tassimo Coffee Maker?

The Tassimo Coffee Maker is a single serve machine that prepares one cup
servings of various hot beverages such as; coffee, espresso, hot chocolate,
hot tea, and it even prepares your favorite beverages with milk including
latte’s and cappuccino.

This coffee machine uses some very smart technology that makes it super easy for any beverage to be made literally at the touch of a button.

What set’s this coffee maker apart from many other types is the use of what are called tassimo “t-discs”, which are small round disc’s that have a bar code label on the top of each one which corresponds to the drink you want to make, such as an espresso for example.

You simply place the disc into the machine and the bar code label is read which tells the machine precisely how much water is needed, the exact brew time, exact brew temperature etc, and in under two minutes (from 30 to 90 seconds typically) you have a perfectly brewed fresh beverage!

All your favorite coffee brands are available in T-Discs such as Starbucks, Gevalia, Seattle’s Best, Tazo, Nabob, Jacobs Kroenung, Maxwell House and more…

How about a fantastic cup of Hot Chocolate,  yep… got that too!

No clean up or measuring!

Starbucks LatteThe best part about this machine is there’s no measuring, no programming and no cleanup!

The T-Discs range in price from around $0.30 to $1.15 per drink.

Sure beats going to Starbucks and paying $5 or more for a cappuccino, especially since you can pop in a starbucks t-disc right at home!
All of your favorite starbucks flavors are available in t-discs such as Africa Kitamu, Columbia, House Blend, Breakfast blend, Caffe Verona, Espresso, Cappuccino… you name it!

Watch the Tassimo Coffee Maker in action!

A History Lesson About Tassimo!

This machine was first sold in France back in 2004 and now it is available in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Austria. The Tassimo machine was developed by Kraft Foods Inc.. Originally they were manufactured by Saeco International Group and distributed by Braun, however newer models are being manufactured by Bosch.

The Tassimo Bosch partnership that is now the leader in single serve coffee makers around the world.

What about  Tassimo VS Keurig

Both of these machines are very good coffee brewers, but there are some distinct differences between the two.

First the Keurig Machines:

They are a very good coffee brewer which uses a system called “K cups” that are one serve containers of pre-measured coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  Each container is sealed with foil to maintain freshness.  If the user desires they can also use an accessory instead of the Keurig K cups to use any grind coffee they prefer directly into the machine.

It does a nice job of producing very good coffee in about one minute.

The main dis-advantage is that it does not have the ability to produce espresso, cappuccino etc..

The Tassimo Coffee Maker

When comparing the tassimo vs the keurig the tassimo is going to be a little more expensive because it is a much more advanced machine with the ability to not only produce fantastic coffee, tea and hot chocolate, but it also produces perfect espresso, cappuccino, latte’ and more.

The Tassimo T DISCs are a much more precise way of brewing hot beverages to be perfect every time!

If you enjoy a variety of beverages and precision then the tassimo is going to win you over once you see how easy it is to operate. (Watch the video above to see it in action!)

The Tassimo Suprema

You can find the tassimo suprema and other models available at most of your favorite stores such as Target.com, Macys.com, bedbathandbeyond.com and linens and things if you want to do your shopping the traditional way, however it’s likely that you will have to pay more by doing so.

If you are looking for a deal on a Tassimo machine then the recommendations on this site will help you save a bundle!

Tassimo Hot Beverage System

It is called the “hot beverage system” because it is much more than just a coffee maker.  It is like having a starbucks right at home.  It easily produces all of your favorite coffee drinks in about a minute without any mess to clean up at all!

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker

What makes the Tassimo machine rated as one of the very best hot beverage brewer is the superior technology from Bosch that makes the process of brewing perfect latte’s or cappuccinos one button simple.

Bosch also brings reliability and trust to the Tassimo coffee brewer. German precision and durability will have you brewing espresso for years to come.

The Bosch Tassimo coffee maker is the perfect multi-brewer to have in your kitchen at home or at the office. One minute is all the time you will need for a perfectly brewed cappuccino!

Water Filtration

Tassimo Water FilterOne of the coolest features of the new Tassimo Suprema is the water filtration cartridge that super cleans your water before brewing.

Review from one happy customer:

5.0 out of 5 stars Ideal for a single elderly coffee lover. Thanks, Amazon!, September 13, 2009
By JB “betterfed” (Redwood City, CA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Bosch TAS1000UC Tassimo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer, Anthracite (Kitchen)

I have to say this item has impressed me more than any other kitchen appliance I have purchased in the last fifteen years.

Like all new “concepts”, you tend to raise your eyebrows a bit about a new method of preparing an age old food preparation, whether it be a blender, chopper, or in this case the traditional coffee maker. Frankly, my only real concern was the future availability of the Tassimo Coffee “T-discs” as without them, the system becomes useless of course.

But after my father passed away two years ago, my mom began to drink “instant coffee” after being a brewed coffee devotee for over 65 years. Brewing 8 cups of traditionally made coffee for a single elderly person just seemed to be a big waste of time, as well as unused coffee. She seemed to be, a perfect candidate for this unique individual cup coffee brewer. Having tried this item once in an upscale Resort Hotel on a business trip, I was convinced to give it a try as an answer to my Mom’s particular situation.

The coffee was absolutely WONDERFUL! She has fell in love with Starbucks Columbian “pods”, but I also purchased the Verona, Cappucino, as well as the Expresso Pods and will continue to purchase new blends as they beome available. As my tea drinking Sister lives nearby and visits often, I also purchased the Twinings Chai Latte as well as the Earl Grey Tea “T-Discs” so she could enjoy a hot beverage with our Mom while they are together.

Although I traditionally grind & brew my own Gevalia Coffee Beans here at home in a 8 cup brewer, I decided to purchase an additional Bosch Tassimo maker for my home as well; as the availability of Expresso and Cappuccino brews is something I can now enjoy as I desire. Now, my Sister’s best friend who lost her husband recently has tried it at my Mom’s home, and they purchased her a new Bosch Tassimo maker for her home for her recent birthday gift.

Incredibly easy to operate, my 87 year old mother has no problem in brewing the wonderfully fresh hot brewed coffee she had enjoyed for over 65 years.

I want to thank Amazon.com for once again searching out yet another unique and quality made kitchen appliance that has become a big winner for our entire family of coffee and tea lovers. I just received an Email from Amazon notifying me of a new shipment of Tassimo T-discs that has arrived at their central warehouse which is just another way this fine Internet Products purveyor does an outstanding job for their regular customers.


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